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With a combined 20 plus years of experience, SoCal Family Law Group, PC has been a confidant and advocate for individuals and families across the state of California. Our San Diego, CA firm is committed to providing thoughtful and attentive care to each of our clients in an effort to uplift the members of our community. Skilled in both the courtroom and alternative dispute resolution, our firm is ready to take on any family law challenge you may be faced with.

A People-First Firm

The SoCal Family Law Group, PC has nearly 20 years of focus in the practice of family law. We are committed to upholding and advocating for the rights of our clients. Our practice areas reflect a desire to come alongside those who are in transitional seasons of life. We believe that it is every person’s right to go through change with a secure future to look forward to. Our firm is dedicated to providing high standards of professionalism and thoughtful service to each of our clients.

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Divorce can be a trying time for anyone. It may also represent an opportunity for change and growth in new directions. To grow, it’s important to have a healthy environment for yourself and your family.

SoCal Family Law Group, PC has had the opportunity to see countless individuals through the process of divorce -- from beginning to end. We can provide legal services for divorces of any nature and are happy to offer counsel on any number of issues. From high-tension contested divorce litigation to finalizing the documentation of mutually agreed upon separations, SoCal Family Law Group, PC is here to help.

Child Custody

For most people, the safety and wellbeing of their children is their ultimate priority. In any divorce, it is necessary to create a parenting plan that will lay out each parent’s responsibilities and set out a structure for the life of their child. While these can be formed with mutual consent in many situations, it is not always possible to reach an agreement between both parents on what is in the best interest of their child.

Few things can cause more distress and heartache than disputes over child custody. When looking for the best child custody lawyer for you, you need to be confident that you will have an experienced advocate to represent you and your child’s needs.

Our firm is prepared to come alongside parents in any situation and take the legal action necessary to protect their children and their parental rights. We can provide counsel through mediation and on what legal avenues are available for unique situations. And if necessary, we are trial-tested and are ready to advocate for you in the courtroom.

Post - Judgment Issues

When a divorce is finalized many people are understandably ready to begin moving forward and focusing on the future that lies ahead. Unfortunately, post-judgment issues can cause you to be pulled back into the past.

If you are dealing with issues concerning alimony or child support payments, visitation rights, or any other order of the court, it is important to speak with a post-judgment lawyer as soon as possible. Our firm is committed to resolving your issue as expeditiously as possible so that you can go back to focusing on your day-to-day.

Prenuptial Agreements

When deciding to get married, few people recognize that it is likely the biggest legal decision they will make in their lifetime. Prenuptial agreements can provide a safety net for both spouses if they choose to divorce later on. These agreements can also function to save the relationships (and bank accounts) of divorcing spouses, as many of the terms of separation that often cause strife have already been agreed upon.

If you are curious about what a prenuptial agreement may look like for you, please consider contacting our office for a complimentary consultation. SoCal Family Law Group, PC offers a full range of prenup services and would be happy to discuss your best options moving forward.


Mediation can be an incredibly useful and beneficial tool for anyone going through a family law matter. Very often, issues arise due to a difference in opinion and a breakdown in communication. Mediation offers a chance for those in a dispute to reconcile their differences together. What’s more, mediation can save you thousands of dollars by coming to agreements outside of litigation.

SoCal Family Law Group, PC has years of experience facilitating mediation. Through this area of practice, SoCal Family Law Group, PC has had the opportunity to see many people walk away with their needs met and considered. If you are wondering if mediation may be the right choice for you, consider contacting our office to schedule a free consultation today.

Separation Agreements

In the state of California, spouses have the opportunity to create separation agreements without the need for court. These agreements can outline the needs of each person and the terms of their separation, including alimony and child support, child custody and visitation, division of property and assets, and more.

Our firm has seen many families through the formation of these agreements. We are highly experienced in ensuring that every consideration is addressed so that each party can be confident that their needs are legally secure. We are happy to speak with anyone considering a separation agreement to discuss the process and the best next steps.

Domestic Partnership Agreement

In the state of California, domestic partnership agreements are treated very similarly to prenuptial agreements. Whether or not you plan to get traditionally married, a domestic partnership agreement can protect you from the stresses of separation, should that ever come to happen. Although these agreements are typically associated with same-sex couples, domestic partnership agreements are for everyone.

If you are looking to form a domestic partnership agreement with your significant other, you know the importance of protecting your future from extenuating circumstances. SoCal Family Law Group, PC is all too familiar with agreements that fail to contain enforceable terms and conditions. If you choose to work with our office, you can be assured that your efforts will not have been wasted and that you will be legally protected in any event of separation.

Transgender Issues

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Our firm is committed to providing legal support and advocacy in Family Law matters for transgender and gender non-conforming members of our community. In particular, SoCal Family Law Group, PC is experienced with situations where parents disagree about issues relating to their transgender or gender-nonconforming child.

If you are seeking the legal counsel of a trusted family law attorney, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for a consultation today.

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