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“Exceptional.”– Celena K.

“I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Clarice and have always felt like she genuinely cares about me and my case. If a lawyer that is looking out for you and has empathy and integrity is what you want, Clarice and team are it.”– Saoirse G.

“I was very well represented. She kept me up to date and employed and executed the best strategy for my success. I knew I made the right decision to hire this attorney. My experience being represented by this attorney was excellent!”– Charles B.

“Treated very well. Communication was good and I felt she always had my back. Would not hesitate to recommend her and would use her again. I felt well represented and comfortable with my attorney.”– Matt B.

“Very knowledgeable!”– Jody D.

Did what the mediator couldn’t do – Clarice was able to get my divorce to the finish line after much wasted time and frustration with the mediation process. She is professional and knowledgeable and held my hand through a difficult process.”– Jody

Knowledgeable, patient, and helpful beyond words – Clarice handled my divorce with a high conflict spouse and small child. She was calm, smart, efficient and got me the settlement I wanted. As a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), and a client, I can’t overstate my gratitude & trust in her knowledge, work ethic and ability to get things done.”– Jean R.

Excellent divorce lawyer! – Clarice helped me through this very difficult time in my life. She explained my rights, as well as helped me dot my “I”s and cross my “T”s to ensure I was getting everything done correctly. She was very encouraging to me. When needed, she also confronted my ex-husband’s lawyer in an equally professional and fierce way; she doesn’t back down when you need support. I am now happily divorced thanks to her!”– Jamie

Diligent, practical lawyer with strong communication skills – Clarice handled a very difficult child support and custody situation for me while I was living and working abroad. She consulted with me every step of the way, explaining the intricacies of the law that applied to my case, which led to an outcome better than either of us expected. I highly recommend Clarice for even the most difficult family law matters as she will find the best way to get from point A to point Z without disrupting lives and making enemies.”– Jeffrey

Efficient – Clarice handled my divorce very well. Together, her and I sculpted the terms that will benefit me and my daughters for the rest of our lives. A divorce is not a pleasant experience. I’m grateful Clarice is the efficient, trustworthy lawer she is.”– Mike

Effective – Clarice is very responsive and effective, she provided me with sound legal advice and also listened to me and my goals. She helped me navigate my situation quickly and effectively and I’m so thankful.”– A Satisfied Client

Clarice Barrelet – I was referred to Clarice from a good friend and am using her for my divorce. She a very professional and direct and always has put my best interests first. Clarice is easy to talk to and a good listener. This also goes for her office staff. I consider myself lucky to have found her and would not hesitate to use her for any future legal needs that I might have.”– Matt

Gold Star Service! – Clarise helped me eliminate my spousal support and mediate an equitable result for both parties. She was very efficient and professional and was a pleasure to work with! Very satisfied client!”– Peter

Hard working council; A expert and Ally in Divorce – Ms. Barrelet was a big help to me and my family during the transition period of recent separation from my Wife of 15 years. Clarice provided professional support with empathy and wisdom. She also has a great tenacity at staying on top of the timely needs of the process. I highly recommend Clarice for your Divorce, Child Support Custody and Alimony needs.”– Joshua

Smartest and most efficient family law attorney – I love working with Clarice. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her multiple times for myself personally and referred to many friends. What I like about her is that she knows the law so well, that she is so fast and efficient in what she does. She is always thorough and helps educate the client.”– Audrey

So appreciate Clarice – I discovered I discovered some information that should’ve been part of my MSA and felt like my mediator really let me down. I consulted with Clarice to determine whether or not I should go back to court and renegotiate. Clarice was incredibly knowledgeable and most importantly levelheaded. Ultimately, I decided to stay the course oh and not pursue legal action. Had I not consulted with Clarice or felt confidence in her advice, this kind of turns very ugly. I have also referred Clarice to a friend who said she is incredibly strategic.”– Jami

Kept the pressure on – I hired Clarice to do some follow-up work a few years after my divorce was final. She worked with me to draft a document to recovers $1000s in medical expenses that were owed to me. She worked with me to draft legal documents since I was able to draw up a good first draft on my own. She diligently pursued my ex-husband yet without being extreme. It was great to have her in my camp! And, she was always really transparent with how she was spending her time and how much things would cost.”– Betsy

Divorce – I was referred to Clarice by a really good friend when i didnt know what to do. I wasnt prepare for the divorce but she guide me and help all the way to the end. I had some hiccup with my ex even after the divorce was final and she was always there to guide me to make the right decision. I will highly recommend her.”– A Satisfied Client

Amazing family law attorney – Clarice was an anchor for me during a difficult high stakes divorce. I always knew she had my best interests at heart and instead of stoking the flames at every opportunity like the attorney before her, she prevented me from wasting time and money and I achieved both the custody and settlement I hoped for. She is smart and diligent and knows how to speak to a judge. Can’t recommend her and her team highly enough.”– Aaron

Great Attorney!!! – I hired Dimitry for my family law issues. This was one of the hardest times in my life and there was so much going on. Dimitry was not only very knowledgeable but he was also very understanding and fought for me relentlessly. It was above and beyond, and I would recommend him to everyone I know. This attorney really cares and you can’t go wrong with him in your corner.”– A Satisfied Client

Great Lawyer – Haved worked with him on numerous legal questions. He was very knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of law. I felt comfortable and confident in the advice he gave me.”– A Satisfied Client

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