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In this article, you will learn:

  • The meaning of a “successful” divorce
  • Conflict mitigation strategies
  • How assets can be divided amicably

I believe what sets SoCal Family Law Group apart from other attorneys is having a strategy to get the case to a resolution. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy and I do not assume a client’s goals. I discuss them with the client to understand them. The strategy can and will shift, but it is key to have a strategy rather than to be either passive to the process or reactionary to the other party. This leads to people becoming upset with their attorney, and they either switch attorneys or accept an unfair settlement because they just want to be done with the process. I think what helps them feel like it was a successful divorce or a successful outcome is having that strategy and being a participant in it, rather than feeling like or experiencing just being dragged along the process and having things happen to them rather than making decisions about what is going to happen.

How To Reduce The Conflict In Your Divorce Process Or In Handling Your Family Law Matter Issue?

The best way to reduce the conflict is by removing your own ego or your own need to be right, from the process. This is much easier said than done, because most people find themselves in this situation because one or both people needed to be right. I am not a psychologist; I do not have psychology training. I do not pretend to, and I do not advise people on it, but this is something that I see time and again, and that I consider part of my job to help people keep their expectations reasonable.

When people learn that I practice family law, they often ask me, “How can you do that? It’s so emotional!” It is actually my job to try and take the emotion out of it rather than allowing me or my client to be driven by emotion. I think that is what will often make that process feel unsuccessful to them and will be perceived as unsuccessful in my eyes as their attorney.

Tips On How To Either Limit Or Resolve Parenting Time Issues

The best way to address parenting time issues is by trying to put themselves in their children’s shoes and trying to understand what is best for the children, but that is so much easier said than done. It is so hard for people to do especially when their view of and relationship with the other person has soured. Again, this is where taking the emotions out comes into play.

How To Divide Property And Assets Without A Fight?

I encourage people to figure out what they can and cannot live without, and I help them understand that they really do not want to be in a situation where they are paying me more money to discuss certain items than the items are worth. Educating a client and helping them understand that they could very well spend more money than something is worth to litigate some issue is an important component of my job.

It is also my responsibility to help them understand how they are spending their money because I want to be able to stand behind my fees and be reasonable with them. I was recently in court on a very serious custody issue where the other parent had been verbally and emotionally abusing the children. I was in court waiting and before my case was a case where the parties were arguing about a bed. They both were represented by attorneys, and it was supposedly an emergency hearing about the bed. There were two troubling things about it. One, I was certain that the parties had already spent more money paying each of their attorneys to discuss and then litigate the issue of this bed than if they had just gone out and bought a new one to begin with, rather than arguing about this bed.

And secondly, the party who was in court demanding the bed had claimed that they needed it for follow-up to surgery, except the surgery had already happened months before they finally were in court on this issue. The attorneys who were representing them were actually experienced family law attorneys, and I really thought shame on them for letting their clients take this issue this far to court, taking valuable time from cases like mine that were there to discuss really serious issues about the kids. Shame on them for letting their clients spend so much money on the issue of this silly bed. I take pride in our work at SoCal Family Law Group to ensure that we are helping keep people’s expectations reasonable and that we are not spending their hard-earned money unfairly or foolishly.

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