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An Introduction To Attorney Clarice Estrada Barrelet

In this article, you will learn:

  • Who can benefit from this book and what they can learn
  • Common scenarios clients seek assistance with

I have been practicing law for nearly 20 years. I went to law school thinking I wanted to practice criminal defense law and ended up in general civil litigation. However, early in my career, I switched to family law; it was more in line with why I became a lawyer in the first place, which is to help people. I am writing this book to explain how I aim to help people in the area of divorce specifically, but also other family law issues that might come up in considering a divorce or after a divorce.

I have seen that divorce can reach and impact almost anyone, including children, friends, coworkers and extended family. My goal is to help people in what is an emotional, frustrating, confusing and maddening situation to understand it, to feel supported, and most importantly, to get out of it.

My purpose in writing this book is to help clients and potential clients understand what my role is and what their goals are as well as others who may or may not have an attorney understand what they should be asking their attorney and expecting from the process so they can be informed participants.

Who Can Benefit From This Book?

This book aims to explain my approach to practice, and my approach to a traditional family law divorce case, not just from start to finish, but for people who are already in the process and maybe do not have a lawyer or have a lawyer that they are no longer feeling connected to or supported by. Often, when people call me, they are already worried and want to be able to speak with someone as quickly as possible. Therefore, the policy in our office to have an initial phone consultation the same day. Often people have already been served with divorce papers or the other person moved out or even asked them to move out, so there is a sense of urgency.

Sometimes, there are situations where the people are already divorced and there might be urgent questions involving child custody and issues that come up after a judgment, and clients do not know how else to address them. My immediate goal is to understand their current situation and how I can help, which can often be done in an initial 15 or 20-minute phone consultation. We discuss what to expect in the short term and we discuss how we can help going forward.

That initial phone consultation is to explain my practice and help them understand how I can help them. I am hoping that by being able to provide people with this E-book on my website or prior to a phone consultation, some of the questions that they might have thought to ask or want to ask will already be answered, or it will help them to ask their questions when we speak.

Common Scenarios Of Folks In Need Of Guidance On Their Divorce Or Family Law Matters

It can be either that someone has just been served or they are talking about it with their spouse and maybe trying to figure out what a divorce situation would look like: if they can afford to separate, how they would deal with custody and visitation of the children, how they would deal with the house, and similar questions. I also get calls from people who are already in a divorce process and may be frustrated with their current attorney.

I also get calls from people who are already divorced and have new issues come up. Unfortunately, people have no other means of addressing those issues with their child or with the other parent, so they call us for ideas. I pride myself on thinking creatively because filing a motion in court is not necessarily going to get them the results they want, and very likely not in a timeframe that makes sense or that can help their child who is probably already having a tough situation and simply cannot wait several months for a court to hear the case.

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